We repair all types of Computers

Computers may have a multitude of issues from cooler fan failure to more serious component issues like hard drive, processor, power supply and many more. Also software issues and viruses are a serious threat to your computer and this is an area which we are experts in and something we work with almost every day. So no matter what the problem may be, you can rely on us to repair your PC, Mac or other computer to a very high standard.
Not only do we do repairs, but we also perform upgrades to get your computer running faster and better than it ever did before! Our most common upgrade is an SSD installation, which replaces your old style spinning hard disk with one that is 10x faster and more reliable. Once you’ve used an SSD powered computer, you will never want to go back!

Only High Quality Parts Used & Apple Trained Repair Technicians

Our repairs and replacement parts will last the life of the device. We only use high quality parts in all of our repairs. In addition to our emphasis on quality, we employ Apple trained and certified repair technicians to work on your device repairs, so be rest assured you’re in safe hands and we really know what we’re doing when it comes to the repairs we do.

3 Months Peace of Mind Warranty

A 3 months warranty comes with all our repairs unless stated otherwise. If the repair that we carried out fails, we will fix it at no cost to you. Just remember to bring in your receipt if claiming your warranty!

An electronic device not switching on can be the result of many things. Most commonly there is a fault with the mainboard or the battery. We can diagnose a range of issues and replace only what’s needed to be.
Many touchscreens won’t work if the device has been a victim to a heavy fall or if the device has previously been ‘repaired’ and a low quality screen was used. All our replacements use high quality parts and we preform extensive tests before your device leaves the shop to ensure everything is working correctly.
That was a bit silly, wasn’t it? Some believe putting the device in a bag of rice will solve all your problems. But this isn’t true and sometimes the damage has already been done.
If on the rare occasion we cannot repair your device, you will not be charged.
However, if we can repair your device and you choose to not go ahead with the repair, due to cost or otherwise- a diagnostic charge of £15 will be due.
* For water damage repairs, a cost of £40 is due regardless of the outcome of the repair. This is due to the chemicals needed in the process.