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Whether it comes to repairing your faulty tech, or providing at home tech support, we can offer a perfect solution just for you. We work with work with individuals and businesses alike. Being a small, family run business, we pride ourselves on the ability to take on all challenges, no matter how big or small- Take a tour of our site now to find out how we can help you.

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Our most common repairs

<span>Cracked</span> Screens

Cracked or Broken Screens

Our most common repair! We use high quality parts to get your phone or laptop looking brand new and working perfectly.
from £35 .00 for phones and £65 .00 for laptops.
<span>Poor Battery</span> Life

Poor Battery Life

As devices age, their batteries degrade. With a new battery you can enjoy many more hours of charge.
from £25 .00 for phones and £30 .00 for laptops.
<span>Broken</span> Speakers

Broken Charging Port

Using a third party charger or wear and tear after a while can damage your charging port or its electronics. We can repair these for you.
from £25 .00
<span>Cracked</span> Screens

SSD Upgrades

Is your computer running slow or do you just want to upgrade? Our SSD drives are 10x faster than standard HDD drives. We perform the upgrades in shop and data transfer from your old drive is included in the price.
from £130 .00
<span>Poor Battery</span> Life

Software and Virus Problems

Computers are vulnerable to problems both from something innocent such as software update corrupting a system to a virus which has been designed to cause the user hassle or damage the system. We solve these problems and in most cases can recover all your data.
from £36 .00
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Professional Repair Technicians

Your Device in Safe Hands

Here at Wadebridge Computers we repair lots of devices each month, so rest assured you’re in safe hands sending your devices to us for repair.

We are capable of repairing any electronic device on the market now and those manufactured in the last 10 years. We have all the right tools for the job so we can open up your device, repair it and assemble it all back together without ever knowing it had been touched.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Device Doesn’t Switch On

An electronic device not switching on can be the result of many things. Most commonly there is a fault with the mainboard or the battery. We can diagnose a range of issues and replace only what's needed to be.

Flushed My Phone Down the Toilet

That was a bit silly, wasn't it? Some believe putting the device in a bag of rice will solve all your problems. But this isn't true and sometimes the damage has already been done. We have specialist ultrasonic equipment to repair water damaged devices if you get them to us quickly enough.

My Touchscreen Doesn’t Work

Many touchscreens won't work if the device has been a victim to a heavy fall or if the device has previously been 'repaired' and a low quality screen was used. All our replacements use high quality parts and we preform extensive tests before your device leaves the shop to ensure everything is working correctly.